Our team consists of highly trained clinical psychologists and coaches. The combination of psychologists and coaches enables cross-fertilization benefitting the employee. After all, treatment, (re-)orientation, career questions, return to work and relapse prevention will be addressed throughout the return to work process.

Everybody in our team is specialised in return to work via the licence Insourcing Katalyst®. We require our network to follow at least 25 hours of supervision and 6 training days per calendar year. Surveys indicate that not all professionals are learning lifelong. Since the work field of return to work is developing so rapidly, we require our network to invest in lifelong learning.

We have an internal career path in which our care providers start as senior, and subsequently grow into master and, eventually, become expert. Supervision is being done by colleagues with at least 10 years of experience, a significant proportion of which is in the areas of return to work, reorientation and career questions.

The quality of our network is continuously monitored via our EPD system. Via the EPD, progress, impact and satisfaction our measured. The process will be supervised by Prof. Dr. Elke Van Hoof. Elke is being informed as soon as there is a discrepancy in the satisfaction of the employee with the care provider. The care provider receives feedback which enables him to adapt the process completely to the needs of the employee.